Version 6.3
Copyright © 2005 - 2012 Lowell D. Thomas
  … ABNF Parser Generator
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
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 Apg.hRequired header file for all APG-generated parsers. Contains important configuration macros and declarations of the API functions for the entire library
 Memory.cThe Memory component API
 Parser.cThe Parser component API. This is the heart of an APG parser
 Tools.cA small chest of helpful tools
 UdtLib.cA small UDT callback function library
 Vector.cThe Vector component API
 ApgUtilities.hDeclarations of all APG utility functions
 Files.cA few commonly used functions for reading and writing files
 timer.cA timer component API
 Utilities.cA number of useful display functions
 CppDemoCallbacks.cppAll of the user-written functions for the rule and UDT callback functions
 main.cppSimple example of setting up a C++ parser
 Callbacks.cDemonstrates writing and calling callback functions
 main.cDemonstrates the use of APG with three simple applications
 Setup.cDemonstrates the basics of setting up and running a parser
 UdtLibDemo.cDemonstrates how to use the UDT library that comes with APG
 main.cThe main function that is the parser generator application, apg
 Callbacks.cppAll of the user-written functions for the rule callback functions
 main.cppSets up and runs a parser for the MEGACO grammar
 main.cThe driver for the SIP tests
 SIPUdtLib.cAll of the UDTs used in all of the tests
 TortureTestTranslator.cTranslates the text version of the torture test SIP messages into their binary format
 Callbacks.cAll of the user-written rule callback functions
 main.cDemonstrates parsing with an alphabet character code width of 32-bits
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