APG Version 6.3

APG Version 6.3 is written entirely in the C language. It has a small footprint and is fast and reliable. Because of this and the fact that it accepts ABNF grammars it is an ideal choice for Internet protocol stacks. Indeed, a number of large telecom companies use APG in their commercial products for parsing MEGACO, SIP and other communications protocols.

If maximum parsing speed is important, UDTs can be used to great advantage. See the SIP example included in this download for an example of using judiciously chosen UDTs to achieve a nearly 10-fold increase in parsing speed.

For C++ users, Version 6.3 provides C++ wrappers for its native C functions. The generated code includes a "starter-kit" of functions for initializing the rule and UDT callback lists and templates for the callback functions themselves. For a new project, uncommenting and using these template functions can provide a quick start, especially for grammars with a large number of rules.